New Beginnings and Success

Originally Published December 3rd, 2017

Originally Published December 3rd, 2017

So, where do I start? I could start from the beginning, but which beginning? I cannot tell you much about the beginning of my life, as I was well protected and still forming in the care and protection of my mother's womb. I cannot tell you much about my youth that would be of interest others on this particular thread. I could tell you about the beginning of my career, my family, my political interests, or much more. Perhaps all of this can be shared later, under separate topics.

Let's begin with today. Each day has an opportunity for new beginnings. Many of us are told this many times in our lives. Today, I want to begin sharing through a series of thoughts about "success". The word "success" covers a broad spectrum of thoughts, categories, ideas, and perceptions. I cannot hope to cover all of the areas of "success" in a life-time. I can seek to uncover some areas where we can all be involved in successful enterprise solutions.

In our Western heritage and culture, and our Capitalistic leaning economy, a large number of individuals have the opportunity to be involved in the success of a company, an enterprise, or an organization. These successes are not isolated to owners, proprietors, or those holding an executive office. These successes are not without pitfalls along the journey (and I can assure you I have had plenty of pitfalls). I am not holding myself up as the picture or model of success. I am hoping to share success stories in business settings, that will instruct, motivate, and inspire others who need help in striving toward success. Success is a journey that one will never complete, less they become complacent and have a fall from grace. It is not a series of sprints, but rather a marathon which requires endurance. Striving for success may cause you to get bumped and bruised, you may fall down and will need help getting up. Success is not defined by lack of failure, but rather by consistently learning with humility, from failure and improving as you continue to move forward.

I want to be clear here. I am focusing on organizational (or enterprise) success, but much of success in one area can and does lead to success in other areas. People, if they are authentic, do not change who they are as they enter or leave their work domain. I am convinced that those who are authentic have the greatest opportunity for true, long-term success. I am interested in drawing attention to striving for success and learning through the struggles and failures along that path.


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