Olivier Dreyer - Success Story

Originally Published March 10, 2018

Originally Published March 10, 2018

Focused, having clarity in thought, well articulated are all characteristics that can be attributed to Olivier Dreyer (https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivierdreyer/). I enjoyed the pleasure of being introduced to Olivier, Global Direct of Client Services at FIS (https://www.fisglobal.com/) about a year ago. First impressions often give a proper reflection of people’s authentic self. Olivier is no exception to this idea. Every interaction that I have had with Olivier is one where he is adding value to others, without excessive wordiness and with very clear, thought out communication.

I had the opportunity to have a recent conversation with Oliver where we talked about his success in the workplace. As he reviewed his focus on success he shared that there are really two primary areas where finding success is key.

1)      How do your clients view you? What is their perception? In a service organization, it is critical to have your clients view you as a successfully supporting their need and contributing to their business success. Client must be happy and view you as a partner in their organization. If you can achieve this connection with your clients they will fulfill a role of a ‘reference’. As a reference client they will speak with cohorts in formal and informal settings in a positive manner, reflecting on the value you have provided.

2)      How does your organization reflect in the job market? Are you able to recruit, train, develop, and retain top talent? The best way to have a great reputation among employees, both present and future is to view your success through their success and growth. Olivier finds great satisfaction in recruiting college graduates, coaching and providing appropriate training, and then watching them thrive and mature in the work environment.

When asked about key tools that he uses to help with his success, the shared with me that he considers himself a bit of a “dreamer”. To clarify, he shared uses certain key times of the day to tap into his imagination and critical thinking to pause and reflect on issues being faced. This habit is one that was strongly enforced when he studied history and literature. When it was time to fulfill a writing assignment, taking the time to think through and contemplate the information behind writing prompts before putting his pen to paper. This habit has become a key part of how he operates in life.

Mentors have played a key role in Olivier’s professional growth. When he first came to Fidelity National Information Services (FIS) he was full of ideas and energy, but no experience. Connecting with key leaders at FIS was critical to his career development. FIS actively fosters a mentoring system, where every leader is expected to actively be part of a mentoring relationship. Often this connection is from a different line of business or area of focus. This helps young leaders to grow, and it fosters partnerships across multiple areas of operation. Leaders at FIS are encouraged to realize that they do not have all the answers, but by having these cross-company relationships there is a source to finding needed information. This is beneficial to the people involved and to the overall success of an organization. This whole mentoring system also helps develop one’s emotional quotient (EQ) as there is an opportunity to learn how other people think.

Being in a technology driven environment does not always require a 100% focus on technology related education. Being trained and having disciplines outside of technology helps with tapping into other ways of thinking and problem solving. Oliver has been able to use his training in history and literature, coupled with education in area of technology, along with the mentoring available through FIS, as a foundation for success in the workplace. 


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