Success Story – Johnna Jones

Originally Published February 6, 2018

Originally Published February 6, 2018

There are certain people who make a lasting impression after only having the opportunity to spend a brief amount of time with them. These people show genuine care and concern for each person with whom they connect. They are willing to give, encourage, and add value to you with every interaction. This describes Johnna Jones (, who currently serves as VP of Finance for Johnstone Supply of South Texas (

In talking with Johnna about what success means to her, she consistently turned her focus on the fact that she has been fortunate to be surrounded by good people who work for great companies. She appreciates working with people who share her strong work ethic. Johnna enjoys seeing how people who have experienced shared success with others, are often quick to encourage one another and bring each other along as careers grow. There are many companies where this will ring true. Someone gains a promotion by going outside their current place of employment, and when opportunities arise in the new corporation, successful people recruit those with whom they have had previous success. 

Success is experienced differently for nearly everyone and defined differently at various times. Often success is witnessed as someone is driving toward a target. Johnna, worked diligently to prepare for and pass the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) exam. That was a target toward success and has aided her along the way, but that CPA label alone does not define her success in business. 

Johnna has been involved in many Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Each software has its own nuances. Johnna encourages new accountants to learn about the software at a much deeper level than just how to use it. Learn about how and where the data flows, understand how conversions are processed, get into the insides of how it works and what it is doing. This will provide far more value than just the use and features. Johnna finds that this helps those she manages to become more effective and successful in their role.

The primary tools that Johnna uses which contributes to her success is a pen and paper. When in meetings she is diligent about taking notes, even when she knows that it is being recorded or someone else is, ‘taking minutes’. This helps with retention and provides clear items to be placed on her “task” list. A task list is also key to her success as she uses this as a means to help her stay focused on what needs to be completed and when it needs to be done. Helping her prioritize her days.

Johnna shared insight into two separate individuals to whom she owes a debt of gratitude, as it relates to helping her succeed in business. First is Scott Witt ( Scott was instrumental in assisting Johnna obtain her CPA license. Through his guidance and coaching she was able to meet the necessary requirements for certification. She also mentioned a former CEO with whom she worked. He was a mentor and taught her a great deal about negotiations, strategic business planning, and execution of long-term plans.

The conversation with Johnna was kind, cordial, and light hearted. This is true to the nature to who she is as a person. Thank you Johnna, for taking the time to chat with me and share your story.


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