Success Story - Sandeep Dixit

Originally Published January 7, 2018

Originally Published January 7, 2018

Success Story – Sandeep Dixit

Ask yourself this question, “What is leadership?”. There are likely just about as many answers as there are readers of this article. From my perspective, leadership is much more an art than it is a science. We can study the science of management in our colleges and universities. Nearly every university in the United States has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Science in Management (MSM), or some other variation of a master’s program that will teach about managing a business. Good and well defined practices of business management are important. 

I would suggest that leadership far outweighs good management practices. Leaders are those who inspire, show authentic care for, and connect with others. I have heard it said, by those who love their leaders, that they would follow those leaders to the gates of Hell, if that is what it took to help accomplish the leader’s goals.

I met Sandeep Dixit ( in 2010 when we worked together on a project. My involvement with that project was less than 2 weeks, but in that time Sandeep left a lasting impression and influence. Through the course of our conversation that we had just this past week, I still experienced his genuine care for me. This care that Saneep shows is a chief attribute of a great leader, someone who loves others and loves helping others strive for significance.

Sandeep had his formal education in India. His undergraduate degree was earned and Delhi University (, and his post-graduate degree is from The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India ( He has worked for companies in India, Dubai, Canada, and the United States.

Sandeep is quick to state that success is a journey and not a destination, it is a life of striving for excellence. In looking back on his career, he clarified that he did not seek out the occasion to move from one company to the next over the years, but the opportunities were presented to him and he felt that it was in the best interest for him and his family that he pursued them. He is now stepping into the role of an entrepreneur and has set before himself a new set of challenges. He did have other offers to be employed with other organizations, but Sandeep really wanted to pursue his passions. He believes he can add the most value to businesses where their leadership is striving to be at the forefront of their industry while mitigating their risk in this ever-growing world of technology. Sandeep believes that he can provide a greater level of accomplishment for clients if can focus on his own methodology and approach. He also is confident that he can provide a more competitive price for these services.

Sandeep will be focusing on helping companies work through their digital transformation. His initial, primary areas of strength are dealing with risk management closely tied to fraud identification/protection. He has set a goal for himself to have a team of 4 – 5 individuals working from a an office space, all by the end of 2018. Sandeep has already laid the groundwork for his new endeavor by spending time making connections in India, Canada and the US.

The enthusiasm about new technology that Sandeep sees in the Millennial generation is something that he admires and seeks to emulate. He provided an example of just how quickly his 18 year old daughter was able to learn about and teach him tricks and tips on the feature and use of his new Apple Watch. That ability and desire to embrace, and adapt to change is something that Sandeep seeks to help companies pursue. This millennial generation, which is in their early stages of joining the workforce, will be motivated to work with and for companies with a passion for innovation. This will include adoption of mainstream technology, as part of their corporate culture. Sandeep believes that this will be instrumental for growth in the global business community.

What drives Sandeep even more that wanting business success, is his desire to help others who need a “hand up” in life. He acknowledges that not everyone has the same access to success and significance that he has experienced. There are those who grow up without parents, and he wants to be able to make a difference in their lives. Among his personal relationships are people who work with non-government organizations (NGOs) that reach out to children in rural parts of India. The people in these areas are embracing newer technology at a frantic rate. They are excited to be introduced to these opportunities and have a chance to provide for their friends and families. 

At the core of who we are, a vast majority of people want significance. Throughout history, in times of war and peace, when people connect with others across cultures in a genuine, authentic, loving, caring manner we will all see that we are not that different. Our politicians and/or governments may seek to highlight areas of difference. These differences may be true of those individuals who running the countries, but are not necessarily true for the “everyday” people. Sandeep has seen how people in India, Dubai, and the Americas all want to be part of a family and/or caring group of friends. We all have the desire to be embraced emotionally and physically by one another, even when there are a differences of opinion. He noted, that in India, when you are connected to a family or group of friends, there is an open invitation that any time you visit you are welcome to stay for hours, enjoy a meal together, and know that you have been well loved before you leave their presence. These are the kinds of connections that Sandeep seeks to build with others, and will have as part of how he runs his organization.

When asked about a significant mentor in his life, Sandeep’s first thought is Brian McKenna ( who is a Partner at Deloitte, Canada. Although Sandeep never reported directly to Brian, Brian took the opportunity to get to know Sandeep. Brian taught Sandeep to look at business as building relationships. It is through relationships and making genuine connections that you can display your value and grow business partnerships. 

If you are interested in getting to know more about Sandeep Dixit and where is career and aspirations are taking him, feel free to reach out and connect over LinkedIn ( You will find a man who is genuine, authentic, and truly cares for those around him.


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