UNBREAKABLE - A Navy SEAL's Way of Life

UNBREAKABLE  - A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life by  Thom Shea

UNBREAKABLE - A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life by Thom Shea

We all have an internal dialog. Unless, we learn to direct that internal dialog we can find ourselves giving up when we should be persevering. When we engage our internal dialog, we need to be careful what language we listen to, and what words we use. I have found, that often in my internal dialog, I will say things that are derogatory, demoralizing, detrimental, or demeaning (you are not good enough, you just cannot do that, you are in over your head, you are a fraud, It’s too hard, etc.). If I were to speak these words to a friend, they would likely disavow our our friendship, and rightfully so. So, why do I accept this language when I speak it to myself? Are you accepting or listening to this kind of internal dialog? I understand that there is value in being our own worse critic, but why not use words that stir up responses like determination, grit, drive, and hunger for greatness?

Not only do we need to ignore the negativity that can come from internal dialog, but we also must avoid listening to words like “try”, “believe”, and “hope”. At least avoid them in the sense of how they are commonly used in today’s vernacular. For example, when we use the word “try”, we give ourselves a way out of fulfilling a commitment. Think about it, “I will try to get that report to you by the end of the day.” Does that comment convey commitment, or would the recipient of that statement have full confidence you are committed to the goal? In the above example, replace the phrase “will try to” with “believe I will”, or “hope to”. Again, would you be confident in the outcome if someone made that statement to you?

Thom Shea, walks his reader through the importance of internal dialog in this well written and extremely engaging book. The original intent of the book was to present lessons in life, and 13 challenges to his children, when he was away on deployment for our nation, in case he did not return. He and his wife wanted to make sure that their children would fully understand Thom’s heart for his children. These 13 challenges, can be incorporated into anyone’s life. I have made it through lesson 1, but only after multiple re-starts. It all begins and ends with your internal dialog.

I highly recommend that others pick up the book, read it cover to cover, address your internal dialog, work through the challenges presented. Listen to Thom Shea’s podcast UNBREAKABLE, visit the website Adamantine Alliance, follow Thom Shea on social media. I guarantee, if you are seeking personal and professional growth, you will not be disappointed.