Fred Factor 2.0 - New Ideas on How to Keep Delivering Extraordinary Results

A little while back, I typed up a review of “The Fred Factor”. It is the story of a postal carrier in the Denver, Colorado area, named Fred Shea. Fred is a man who has taken the idea of excellence in service and applied it to how he cares for those he serves on his carrier route. I recommend reading “The Fred Factor” as a precursor to “Fred 2.0”.

In this sequel to “The Fred Factor”, Mark Sanborn shares real life stories of individuals in various jobs with varying levels of responsibilities, and how they are providing service that goes far beyond any ordinary expectations.

There are also many practical tips to help the reader adjust their mindset to finding ways to build habits into our lives that lead to extraordinary results in the service we provide to those around us. The ideas and tidbits shared in “Fred 2.0” apply to all facets of our lives. Whether we are in service at work, volunteering, or serving our family; we can all benefit from taking these concepts and putting them into practice.