"Visual Intelligence" - A Book Review

“…this book should alter how readers look at the world.” - Kirkus Reviews

I highly doubt that I will look at my surroundings the same again! In this book, Amy E. Herman helps the reader become more observant of their surroundings. By nature and conditioning, most humans filter out many details of our world, in order to be able to better focus on those things which are in front of us. For example, think about the last time you walked into a crowded restaurant. Did you pay attention to how many people were wearing a ball cap, or which patrons seemed anxious or uncomfortable? How about describing a brief encounter with a new acquaintance, would you be able to confirm the color of their eyes or the clothing they had on?

Amy takes the reader on a journey that helps peel back layers of unconscious filtering in our mind as we go about our daily business. I had no idea just how much I was filtering out, nor how easy it is to allow inappropriate biases to taint my perceptions.

Using visual arts as a tool, the reader learns how to be more observant in all aspects of their lives. I pay more attention to things outside my primary visual focus, listen for white noise that may obscure hidden clues to solve problems, and take in more of my surroundings,

You will not be disappointed at what you learn and how it will change your view of everything around you.