Who Moved My Cheese? - A Book Review

How do you cope with change? Do you anticipate change? Do you help others successfully navigate change?

If you like the use of story-telling to make teach lessons that are important in life, I think that you will enjoy this book. There is nothing complicated, but the message is clear. Dealing with change is not always easy, and can be made harder if you have the wrong attitude toward future possibilities.

Everyone that I know, has had to deal with a fear of the future. It ties into a fear of the unknown. What are you doing to prepare for and anticipate the future changes that will come your way? If change catches you off-guard how are you going to respond or react? How long will you take to make a decision about moving forward?

One thing that most of us can count on is that our circumstances will change. Job priorities will shift, family relationships grow and change, the stock market has highs and lows, sectors of an economy become obsolete as new technology arises. Keep a watch for things that you have the ability to foresee and be prepared to adjust on your own terms as often as feasible.

This would be a great book to go over in a master-mind group or book club. I am a slow reader and was able to get through the whole book in one morning. Read and review the book with the intent of understanding how your response to change is reflected in the characters.